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While a pool is a smart investment that you will enjoy for many years, it must be maintained in optimum condition to keep it inviting and usable. According to HomeGuide, the average cost to maintain a pool each month is just over $100. The actual cost of maintaining a pool can vary widely so we will focus below on what it typically costs to maintain one to give you an idea of the potential cost.

In-ground pools are equipped with filtration systems that require regular maintenance. You can do this by purchasing diatomaceous Earth, which costs $30 for a 25-pound box, and placing it in your skimmer to attach it to your pool jets. You may have a filter problem if the DE comes back out of the pool and causes the water to become cloudy. Filter cartridges should be replaced every 3 to 5 years. The type of filter cartridge you use will determine the cost.
Routine Cleaning
The cost of pool cleaning depends on whether your pool is a saltwater pool or a traditional pool. If you choose to have this job done professionally, it will cost more. The tradeoff is that you won’t need to spend the time doing this yourself. If you choose to do your routine cleaning each month yourself, you will only need to purchase the right tools. The following equipment is essential for pool cleaning:
  1. A pool brush, either a basic or double-net skimmer
  2. Pool vacuums to clean the bottom
A skimmer is another option for pool cleaning. It’s an integral part of the pool’s internal systems. The skimmer draws debris into a basket. To keep this type of skimmer in good condition, you will need to clean the basket regularly.
Chemicals for Pools
A pool water test kit is a great investment to check the chemical levels of your pool. These results will help you determine how much adjustments to make each month to your pool’s chemicals. Fixr estimates that a 5-pound container of chlorine tablets costs about $20. This is the most common chemical that is added to pools. Other chemicals include:
  1. Bromine
  2. Algicide
  3. Water stabilizers
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Pool Shocking
If your pool is experiencing algae problems, you might need to shock it. Fix estimates that a pool shock costs between $25-50.
Occasional/One-Time Costs
Pool maintenance costs may not be monthly. A high-quality pool cover can last several years. This is an investment that will reduce your monthly maintenance expenses by reducing the amount of debris in your pool. You might also need to drain your pool and have it refilled every 5-10 years.
Minor Repairs
Minor repairs may be necessary as you maintain your pool every month. The cost of these repairs will vary depending on the job. A professional inspection of your pool at least once per year can help to reduce repair costs.
You can either do it yourself or hire a Houston spa company to maintain it. This will prevent any damage to the mechanical systems and keep your family able to enjoy your pool for many years. Houston Pools is the experts with decades of experience if you are interested in building your pool. Our pool company is one of the most reputable in Houston. We have pool designers and builders who will create the pool of your dreams. Call us today to get started building the pool of dreams.
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