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Swimming is an enjoyable and invigorating activity that anyone can enjoy. You don’t have to be an Olympic swimmer to feel proud of the things you do in your swimming pool. We offer suggestions below to help you set swimming goals for 2022, which can be achieved with patience and practice.
Improve Your Form & Technique
You can improve your technique and form if you have had issues with breathing, kick, or getting enough speed with your strokes. It doesn’t hurt to brush up on your technique and movements, even if you are a more skilled swimmer.
Increase your speed
Speed is crucial when swimming competitively. This is what you want to do in 2022. Make speed your goal. This goal can be broken down into smaller achievable goals.
  1. Time spent underwater
  2. How long it takes to start each lap.
  3. Your stroke speeds
  4. The number of strokes required to complete a timed swim.
Competitive swimming is also a sport where you need to be realistic about your goals. It would be wonderful to break records in your state or county. You’ll feel less stressed and more focused when your goals focus on improving gradually and progressively in speed.
Add some variety to your swimming strokes
When you first start swimming, it’s okay to use the same strokes that you are comfortable with. If you have been swimming for some time, it might be worth adding variety to your strokes by 2022. If you are accustomed to doing the breaststroke, try the sidestroke and backstroke. You can also switch from a basic stroke to a freestyle stroke, which allows you more speed and agility.
Swimming-Based Workouts: Benefits
Swimming is a great exercise option. This is a great way to exercise if you don’t like swimming. You can start by doing some warm-ups, and then do a few laps in your preferred stroke. For a more complete workout, you can combine your swimming sessions with other forms of exercise in the pool.
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Swimming Time: More Time
You may have noticed that you aren’t using your backyard pool as much as you used to. Make a resolution to swim more in 2022. This goal can be achieved by being creative with when you swim. You could do a quick one to start the day, and then go for a longer one in the afternoon when you have more time.
Make swimming fun
Don’t forget to have more fun with your swimming goals. There are many ways to enjoy this goal in 2022, including pool games and poolside activities.
Swimming is a great way to reduce stress and improve your physical fitness. Aqua Blue Pools in Houston is a top pool company and can design a pool that will allow you to both exercise and relax. Give us a shout today.
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