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Are you finding the water in your above-ground pool is a bit cooler than you would like? Are you trying to extend the season of your swimming
You don't have to think that an above-ground pool can't be heated with a pool heater. Although a cover/blanket is the most popular way to heat an above-ground pool, this is not the most efficient. There are many options for external heat sources that can keep your pool warm no matter where the sun is. Above ground, collections can be heated with gas heaters and heat pumps, and installation is straightforward.
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Heat pumps for above-ground pools

A heat pump is the best choice for easy installation, and you will only need to add the heat pump to your existing pool plumbing and supply a power source. Many heat pumps, such as the Hayward HTML50HA, also offer a chiller option, which allows you to lower your pool's temperature.
WHAT IS GOOD TO KNOW? Because heat pumps depend on the transfer of ambient air, their effectiveness drops to below 50 degrees.

Gas Heaters for Above Ground Pools

To get the fastest heating and keep the heat going when the temperature drops below 50 degrees, add a gas-fueled heater to your pool (such as the propane-fueled Hayward HC100IDP1 or the natural-gas-fueled Hayward HS100ID1).
WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: These heaters are gas-fueled, and you will need a propane or natural gas source and a gas line to install them.
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Solar-Powered Heater: An Eco-Friendly Alternative

You can add a solar-powered heater to your heating system, making it more affordable and environmentally friendly. These external heaters heat your pool using the sun’s heat, similar to solar blankets. These panels do not rest on top of the collection; they are in line with your water circulation system.
WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: Because the coils are outside your pool, you can harness the sun's energy while you relax (unlike a solar blanket, you must take off each time you swim).
There are many ways to heat an above-ground swimming pool, and it all comes down to your budget, the complexity of your installation, and your overall goals for heating your above-ground pool.
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