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Nothing is more critical than your furry friends. If your pool is used, regardless of season or rhyme. Winter is here, but your pet should be safe around your backyard pool, whether it’s a dog, cat, or bunny rabbit. These are great ways to protect your pet against potential harm.
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Invest in Pool Safety Cover

Your pool should be adequately covered; this is one of the best and most efficient ways to keep your furry friends safe. Aqua Pool Custom Pool offers a variety of covers that will keep your pool and everyone in it safe.
Even water dogs like Labradors and golden retrievers can become disabled from the pool due to hypothermia. Aqua Pool Custom Pool offers a range of pool covers. These include manual and automatic covers, and there are also on-deck track pool covers. You can choose the right cover for you based on your budget, how big your pool is, and what color it is. Nothing is more critical when it comes to pets than their safety!

Buy a Pet Alarm

It doesn’t matter if you have a hot tub or a swimming pool. A pool alarm is a wise investment. You can’t trust your pet around water, regardless of how much you love and trust them. Even a pool cover that doesn’t drain water can cause your pet to drown from drinking or playing in the puddle. A pool alarm will alert you when your dog comes within a certain distance of a hot tub, pool, or other body water. The alarm clips to your dog’s collar and gives you peace of mind.
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Install a fence around your pool

Your spouse, children, and even your freeloading neighbor can do this while you are away. Your spouse, kids (and even your pesky neighbor who is freeloading!) all know how to get out of the pool safely and adequately. But what about your dog? Dog owners often make the fatal error of not training their dogs for safety in the pool. This can be dangerous for some dogs that aren’t as strong swimmers as others. Train your dog to use the steps and get out of the pool. A fence around your pool can be an effective and easy preventative measure that will ensure your dog stays healthy throughout the year, regardless of how much time they spend outdoors.

Additional Safety Tips for Pets Around the Pool

These are additional tips to help our four-legged friend.
  1. Pay attention to your pet’s swimming ability. This ability is not an automatic characteristic of any breed and will decrease with age.
  2. Do not leave your pet unsupervised in the water. Even the most skilled swimmers can slip into the water. This brings us to #3
  3. Your pet should be able to exit the pool. Accidents can happen, even if your pet isn’t allowed to swim in the pool. You can practice getting them out of the pool multiple times so they can exit quickly if they become tired or want to go. You might consider purchasing a pet pool ramp to give your pet an exit.
  4. You can use the “come!” command to get your pet out of the water. Pets are often stubborn and might be unable to get out by themselves if they become tired. Playtime can be kept safe by teaching your pet to “come.”
  5. Invest in a Life Vest
  6. It should fit well and be comfortable for your pet.
  7. Make an alarm
  8. An alarm is a baby monitor that you place in your pool, and it sounds like a weight greater than 15lbs falls into the pool. Pet collar alarms are also available. Notices can only be effective, and supervision is the best.
  9. Learn how to perform CPR on your pet.
A pool is a luxury and a privilege. To make the most of it, you must ensure that everyone is safe, even your furry friends. While the above precautions are a good start, accidents can still occur. If you must use CPR, ensure you have all the tools necessary to save your pet. You can do this all year by following the guide.
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