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A slide can bring back childhood memories and make your backyard pool even more fun. It is possible to install a slide in a pool while you are installing it. You may decide you need a fall but cannot afford it. It is possible to have the plumbing installed to add a slide. Then, when you have the funds, you can add the drop.
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Do your research before you rush to buy a pool slide. You should check your local codes. Some types of slides may not be permitted in your area. The footprint of the fall that you are interested in is essential. You will need to place the ladder and slide legs in this area. It is necessary to ensure that the slide you select can fit in your pool’s footprint and water depth. Every drop has a weight limit, ranging from 200 to 275 lbs. This could be an essential consideration.
There are several slide categories depending on how they are attached. Here are a few to get you started. These slides can be either open or closed with a straight leg and molded slide leg. These slides have enclosed ladders rather than the available ladder, which is safer for children. These slides are pedestal legs and require less deck space.
Before you choose a slide, you must determine how much space you have. Every drop has a unique footprint and area required for installation.
Water depth: Slides must be installed above a water depth of 36 inches. This quickly drops to between 42 and 54 inches. Although all slides come with different specifications, most Water Safety Envelope requirements require that the fall be installed along one of the long sides. This is in the middle of the pool between the shallow end and the deep end. It cannot be too shallow or too deep. To find the exact depth measurement, refer to each pool slide spec sheet.
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Each slide comes with a Water Safety Envelope. This covers the depth of the water at the slide’s end, the overhang of the pool, and the clearance (and deep!) required before the slide exit. This is the area in front of your slide exit, including the overhang of your slide deck and the water depth at the point where you entered. To reduce injury, the water safety envelope must be followed. Before ordering a pool slide, make sure you read the instructions carefully. Each fall has its limitations on where it can go in your pool.
Pool slides take up much space – there is no doubt about that. It would help to consider how many people will be using the drop. The fall should have enough room for multiple people to line up comfortably, and it should be well-drained and non-skid.
Before installing a slide, read the instructions and the owner's manual. After taking measurements of the deck and calculating the exact position, it is possible to assemble the drop. Every slide is different, so follow the manufacturer's instructions.
There may be some differences in the way that a slide attaches. You mark the location of your slide with measuring tape, chalk, or paint. Double-check all measurements to ensure that the flume or lip is not too high before drilling holes. If you don’t have the right tools, you may need to rent them.
You now better understand how to build a slide in your swimming pool. Let’s get to the fun and memories it will bring to your backyard and swimming pool. Here’s a link to our slides.
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