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Families across the country love to have their pool, and this dream might be impossible for many homeowners who live on sloping hillsides. We have the answer! We can help you if your family wants a pool but is worried about how the terrain will allow it to be installed.

A Pool for the Hillside

Installers and homeowners suffered for decades from a lack of pool options that could be built on hilly lots. The semi-inground pool created much more powerful collections than the typical above-ground pool.
A semi-inground pool will not work if you have a steep backyard or hill. In the simplest definition, semi-inground pools are above-ground pools that can withstand pressure from being buried. These pools were ideal for people who wanted a more pleasing pool environment. Many homeowners opt for semi-inground pools even though they don’t require a hill to build a pool.

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Semi-inground pools are easier to install than traditional inground pools. These pools are affordable and accessible to anyone, and these are just a few benefits that they offer:
  1. Semi-inground pools require less digging than an inground pool. You can use any dirt dug up to backfill the pool.
  2. Semi-inground swimming pools can be an excellent option for creating more affordable and faster swimming spots. This is particularly true for people who have a hard time digging.
  3. Semi-inground pools work well in a landscape with a high yard and a deck. These pools can be matched up to the height of an existing deck, which is a plus.
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Know Your Backyard Conditions

You should first review all aspects of your yard. You need to check basic information like soil composition, size, and shape. You'll need to note how often it rains, how big your yard is, and how easy it is to dig in the soil. These factors will impact the type of pool that you end up building.

Excavate The Area

  1. The pool will be semi-inground, but you’ll still have to dig some. Before you get out your shovel, measure the area where you want to build your collection. To ensure you have enough space, visualize the area surrounding it.
  2. The pool should be kept clear of any underground plumbing or gas lines.
  3. After everything is marked, decide the depth of your pool. You can verify your desired depth with a measuring tape until you reach it.
  4. Dig down two more inches below your ideal bottom for good measure. Next, tamp down the ground until it is even.

Follow the Directions to Protect the Pool Area

Preparing the semi-inground pool is as simple as following the instructions and ensuring the pool area is correctly set up.
You will need to ensure that the pool is adequately protected before installing it. If you have a flat-bottom collection, you can use a pool pad to protect it. A landscaper's fabric can be used to preserve a hopper-style pool. This is not necessary if you are digging deeper to find a hopper.
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