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Enjoy Thanksgiving Dinner at the Pool

The Thanksgiving holiday is taking a new turn after the 2020 Pandemic. While some travel to spend the weekend with their loved ones, others stay closer to home. If you have a pool, why not make a new Thanksgiving tradition? A new Thanksgiving tradition could be a great way to save money and avoid traveling. Spending Thanksgiving at the pool is the best way to do it.

Create a Thanksgiving Tradition

Are you lucky enough to live in an area with a pool that is still open? You can keep a swimming tradition, but enjoying the spa on Thanksgiving Day is impossible Towel warmers are available, and you can also dry towels in the dryer. Luxurious bathrobes, which are thick and soft, are great after a spa treatment.

Thanksgiving Decorations

A great home-cooked meal is what brings them closer. It is this holiday that marks the beginning of the Christmas season.
This is the perfect time to decorate. There is a chance that your pool is still open, and you can take advantage of the outdoor space for a memorable holiday. Decorations are also crucial in creating the atmosphere you desire.

These are some ways to make Thanksgiving memorable

Plastic Pom Poms

Make inexpensive tablecloths from plastic and let the children create Pom-Poms to decorate the pool. Fold them in half crosswise, tie them with string, and then cut them with patterned scissors. Attach the pom-pom to a base so it can float in the pool.

Paper Lanterns

These beautiful paper lanterns will be a hit with your kids. You must purchase poster paper, string, and battery-operated candles at your local pharmacy, making it a fun time to share with your whole family.
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Mini Golden Pumpkins

Tinting pumpkins is a popular trend. A centerpiece featuring mini golden pumpkins is a great way to create a sophisticated and elegant look.

Thanksgiving Garlands

Garlands are a great way to decorate any room for any occasion. Hang them on the fence or over the pool for a great afternoon detail.

Thanksgiving Lights

Whether LED string lights or floating lights, their tones will make them stand out. Your swimming pool will look better if you choose the right color for the occasion. When installing lights, make sure they blend in with the surrounding scenery, adding a wonderful accent to your pool and surrounding areas.


There is no Thanksgiving special music. You can choose to play Christmas carols or your favorite songs or dance tunes.

Get Cooking Before Thanksgiving

Make pies the day before Thanksgiving. You will also need all the ingredients and supplies needed to make the meal. Side dishes are best baked in the oven if you're cooking the meal on the same day. You can coordinate which words take longer to cook and then do the first.
Of course, the turkey is the star of the show. You can also try a variety of side dishes this holiday season. For example, rice pilaf with mushroom gravy is a bold but delicious option. Prosciutto cheese and manchego cheese are great appetizers that go well with wine and sangria. You can create a Land of Desserts by mixing our favorite desserts like apple, pumpkin, and pecan pies. Add coffee with hazelnut cream for those who return to their car from a large meal.
We wish you a happy Thanksgiving. Keep safe, and most importantly, enjoy your Thanksgiving. From our Aqua Blue Family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving.

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