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For award-winning swimming pool designs, quality, and best pool services, Aqua Blue Pools of Houston Texas is your first and premier choice. We customize your swimming pool to fit your lifestyle, family, and backyard outdoor entertaining needs. Our impeccable reputation and attention to detail have made us a leading luxury pool builder in Houston for 25+ years. Just ask the happy clients still splashing in our custom swimming pools after more than 25 years of Houston Texas pool custom pool builder service.
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Custom Natural Pools in Houston, Harris County Texas


The trend for natural swimming pools has been popular in Europe for many decades, but they are just now being adopted by Americans. Natural swimming pools are a great way to create a new ecosystem on your property in Harris County Texas and provide clear water for sunny areas like Northern Houston. Aqua Blue Pools of Northern Houston specializes in customizing these manmade-turned-natural marvels.
We use the most advanced technology and methods to build a pool that resembles natural swimming ponds or bodies of water in the wild. You can have any shape, rock, or plant you want, and you can create a natural outdoor accent that is both beautiful and functional. It will also be maintenance-free, self-cleaning, and provide a home for all kinds of wildlife. Call us today for a personalized estimate.


Natural pools are water features that use living systems to filter the water and clean it instead of chemical chemicals. Natural pools can be used for recreation, swimming, and decorative accents. Although there are many technological options for a customized natural pool, such as pumps, biological filters, and surface skimmers, it is the combination of flora and fauna that provides safe and healthy water. A liner is used to separate the soil and water in the pool, decreasing the risk of contamination. This allows you to install a natural swimming pool anywhere on your property, whether it is in your backyard or commercial space. The water flows through a small pool called the regeneration zone, and it is then filtered to feed the primary swimming and entertainment areas. For aesthetics and extra filtration, streams and waterfalls are often added. This mimics natural cleansing processes and creates water that is just as clean as traditional pool water. Call Aqua Blue Pools for a quote.


There is a little bit of maintenance in the beginning stages of setting up natural pools. Once you get your natural pool set up the way you like, you will be able to enjoy the many benefits year-round. Aqua Blue’s natural pools are beautiful, functional, and easy to maintain. Many of our most discerning customers find them to be a huge draw because they offer many additional benefits, such as:
  1. Adaptability: “Natural pools” are often portrayed as brownish-colored watering hole that is full of mosquitoes. These bodies of water are made from concrete, gravel filters, and other advanced equipment which provides the purest, most useable water. These pools are more flexible than traditional ones and offer a unique experience.
  2. Eco-Friendly Natural pools are non-toxic and therefore easy to maintain. The water plants are strategically placed to create oxygen, and microorganisms and animal inhabitants can reduce pollutants. The natural pools are part of the environment and can be used as a centerpiece for your life.
  3. Virtually Maintenance-Free Operation. Natural Ponds are just like other bodies of water in nature, and they are made up of organic elements and have their maintenance and cleaning processes. Natural pools do not require harsh chemicals, expensive maintenance, or pH monitors. Savings Nature could save you up to $1000 each year by creating natural pools.


Is it possible to attract all sorts of animals to my property or yard by having a natural swimming pool? It does attract some creatures, but not all. You want them there. Your natural pool setup will be more appealing if you have a strong connection with birds and frogs. Your main entertainment area is always changing and flowing so animals will not be attracted to it. This is something that they don’t want to miss, especially when they settle down. Birds and frogs will eat additional insects. Fish can be kept in your natural swimming pool. Be sure not to disturb the ecosystem. The better the balance, the larger the pond. Call Aqua Blue Pools of Northern Houston, today for more information or to schedule your customized estimate.


Natural outdoor swimming pools in Houston are a great way to create a natural waterscape that will complement your outdoor space. Aqua Blue Pools’ talented team will make the pool of your dreams. Call us today for a customized estimate.