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Pool Fire Features: Designing Outdoor Spaces with Style

You can still enjoy your backyard swimming pool no matter the season by adding fire pits to your pool. You can make your outdoor season more enjoyable by adding pool fire features to create cozy places for friends and family. Fire features can be used to create a luxurious resort atmosphere or a relaxing, natural feel in your own backyard. Fire bowls, firepits, firepits, fire sands, and outdoor fireplaces are some of the most popular fire features.

Custom Pool-Fire Features for Your Backyard

The addition of fire elements to your pool area can create a dramatic effect, but they also serve a practical purpose. These are some of the best pool fire features.

Fire Bowls

A fire bowl is one of the most popular pool fire features. A fire bowl adds drama and warmth to an outdoor space. There are many options for fire bowls, including handcrafted metal or colored concrete. You can control the flames of the fire bowl using a handheld remote or your smartphone for the ultimate relaxation. You can enjoy an exotic ambiance from the comfort of your chair.

Fire & Water Combinations

Combining mesmerizing water effects with a warm glow from firewalls around the pool perimeter will create a unique atmosphere. This combination is particularly effective for those with a sloped yard that requires a retainer wall. This trend combines the luxury touch of pool fire bows with the soothing sounds of water. You can create a stunning dynamic by hiding a fire bowl behind a rain curtain, or grotto-falling feature.

Fire Candeleres/Torches

Fire candeleres can be used to illuminate your pool and create a natural glow. This outdoor fire feature for your pool is available in an energy-efficient LED. It creates a romantic atmosphere in your backyard. Placed next to a waterfall, fire candeleres create dimension and elevation. Add fire candeleres to walls, patios, or walkways to create tiered effects in a pool landscape.

Fire Pits

A fire pit is another popular pool fire feature you can include in your landscape. Firepits can be a casual ornament. You can find them in stone, concrete, and metal. You can even get portable fire pits so you can move them around if you need to redesign your patio. Fire pits can add warmth to your space by complementing the beauty of water. You can place a fire pit near a waterfall, or between deck, and jets to create a crowd-leasing space.

Outdoor Fireplaces

An outdoor fireplace is a great place to enjoy cocktails and desserts. Outdoor fireplaces are a great place to gather and can be as simple as or as elaborate as you like. Outdoor fires can heat your space and prolong your pool season into the winter. Concrete fireplaces are customizable and can be fitted with automated inserts.
Consider the size of your garden, your pool, and your home when designing your outdoor fireplace. Also, consider the style that will best suit your landscape.

Fire Tables

There is nothing like the feeling of being surrounded by loved ones and cuddling around a fire pit on cool summer nights. Although like a firepit, the fire table's seating area is usually smaller. A fire table, unlike a firepit, is a piece of furniture. This furniture stands out from the rest and adds style to your backyard. Fire tables are great for entertaining, cooking marshmallows, and holding food.

Family Friendly Pools

ABC Pools & Spas listen to every pool idea, big or small. We can help you build a tranquil and minimalist pool or a luxurious and modern centerpiece. You can transform your swimming pool into a welcoming place to gather by adding pool fire features. You can find more ideas and photos of pool fire features in our gallery.
We can help you design a pool fire feature that will wow your neighbors, whether it’s vinyl, gunite, or fiberglass. Get a free quote by contacting us today. Even swimming pool financing can be arranged by us.