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Frequently Asked Questions

For award-winning swimming pool designs, quality, and best pool services, Aqua Blue Custom Pools of Houston Texas is your first and premier choice. We customize your swimming pool to fit your lifestyle, family, and backyard outdoor entertaining needs. Our impeccable reputation and attention to detail have made us a leading luxury pool builder in Houston for 25+ years. Just ask the happy clients still splashing in our custom swimming pools after more than 25 years of Houston Texas custom pool builder service.

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During swimming pool construction, Our Houston pool builders only use the highest quality construction materials and concrete products to deliver the very best quality workmanship for a concrete swimming pool you’d expect from a Houston business built on countless satisfied customers. Our experienced master swimming pool designers and pool builders in Houston have an unmatched reputation for quality swimming pools and outdoor backyard spas. We can spot the tiniest imperfections and make your dream pool perfect. We have hundreds of successful pools under our belts, and we use that construction experience to enhance your home with our incredible swimming pool designs.

The Advantages of Pool Ownership

Are the benefits of having a pool worth the investment?

Yes! Yes! The memories made by friends and family will be with you for the rest of your life. Think of how the swimming pool you own in Houston can improve your mental and physical health by offering both stress relief as well as the perfect exercise option.
Just sitting in front of your pool can take away the stress! Don’t forget about the increased property value. A pool is one of the best investments you’ll ever make. Many of our customers comment on how they wish they had “taken the plunge sooner” after owning their new Aqua Blue Pools for the first time.

Is a swimming pool worth the extra money to help increase the value of my house.

It does, especially if it is an Aqua Blue pool. The closer you get to 100%, the better you care for the pool and the more landscaping you do around the pool. Real estate ads often mention Aqua Blue Pools, and even realtors understand the value of the brand.

Choosing the right pool company

How do I make sure that I choose the right pool builder for me?

This decision is the most crucial one you’ll make in your pool building and purchase experience. Referrals are a great source of information. Ask for a list to call from customers and get their feedback. Did they have any issues? Check the insurance and contractor licensing information. It is not good to continue if the company isn’t licensed. Ask whether the company’s ownership has changed. Are they currently in business under another name? What is the length of their existence? If possible, look at the builder’s work in your area. Don’t limit yourself to last year’s installations. See the work they did five to ten years ago. Also, make sure you check with the Better Business Bureau for any complaints.
custom features by aqua blue custom pools

Swimming Pool Installation

What is the average time it takes to build a swimming pool?

Depending on how complex the project is and the weather, it should take between 4-8 weeks to dig a concrete pool and 14 days to build a fiberglass one. It would be best if you remembered that other things need to be done before your pool can be dug. You will need to get approval from your homeowner’s association and financing, and permits may delay building a Swimming pool “near me in Houston TX.
Your Aqua Blue Design Consultant can give you a time frame specific to your pool. We will also commit to meeting our deadlines. We will notify you immediately if there are any delays and advise you on how to proceed based upon the municipal codes.


What options are available for me?

You can design and build almost anything! The Aqua Blue pool design and construction team can create a pool to match your wildest dreams. Technology changes rapidly in every aspect of our lives, including swimming pools. We are skilled in designing and constructing all types of pools and spas. We offer many options for pool owners, including innovative water treatment options, fiber optic lighting, and spa products.

What are the available pool shapes?

There are many options for shapes, unique features, and design. Our experts will give suggestions for how to best use the space and shape of your yard. Aqua Blue will design and build whatever your imagination leads you to.

How do I choose the design of my pool's swimming area?

Aqua Blue will meet you to discuss your vision for your Houston swimming inground concrete pool. They will discuss your plans for using the pool and give you an estimate of the area available. Is exercise important? What about children? What number of people will be using the pool simultaneously? The best place to view the pool from your home is the one that faces the south. A computer model will be created of your pool to help you visualize how it will look from your home.

You aren’t just purchasing a pool. This will be an addition to your home. Customers want a waterpark in their backyard, and this will allow them to entertain and provide a space for grandchildren and children to play. We can help you achieve these goals by creating a pool that is just right for you.

Pool Cost

What's included in the initial price of buying an inground concrete swimming pool?

An Aqua Blue designer will help you understand all costs involved in building or owning an inground pool. You will also understand the impact of materials, water features, and equipment on the cost of building and owning an in-ground pool. The “hardscape” will account for a large portion of the initial cost, and the hardscape is the area around the pool. You can make your pool look unique or straightforward by choosing the right materials and size. The design of your hardscape will have the biggest impact on the budget.

Why are cost estimates so different when pool prices seem the same?

More than just the size and shape, the cost of a pool will also be influenced. Many pool builders will make compromises on certain aspects. It is easy to reduce the price of your pool by compromising on quality, workmanship, design, underground strength and ease of maintenance. This can also lead to lower investment returns. Make sure you get as much information about the pool’s construction and recommended equipment as possible. Aqua Blue will never provide low estimates in order to raise prices during construction. Aqua Blue’s estimates include the best quality materials, quality, and customer service.

What will my utility bills increase if I have a pool?

According to Aqua Blue, the average utility bill estimate is between $30 and $100 per month, depending on where you live. For more precise figures, consult your Aqua Blue Design Consultant.

Concrete Pools

What are my options for interior colors when I have a concrete pool?

Concrete pools can be customized in many ways. There are many options for interior colors, from different shades of green and blue to black and even an iridescent pearl look. These interior options not only look great, but they are also very easy to maintain.

Can my concrete pool keep its shape?

Yes, Concrete pools are built using an engineered plan that uses a network of reinforced steel rods (rebar). This helps to maintain the pool’s shape and strength. After the concrete has been applied, the shell is sealed with a rebar. For durability, an interior waterproof finish is applied. Concrete pools come in many shapes and sizes. Concrete pools are highly versatile. We can create pools that fit your needs, from larger to smaller sizes and everything in between.

Are there any custom features I can add to my concrete pool?

Yes. There are many options available for customizing your concrete pool. You can have swim-up bars or benches, benches seating, cozy corners, raised spas, vanishing edges, and raised spas. Our expert designers can help you create your backyard oasis.

custom features by aqua blue custom pools

Fiberglass Pools

Are fiberglass swimming pools more affordable to maintain?

Fiberglass pools are more cost-effective than other types of swimming pools due to their smooth, algae-resistant surface. Homeowners could save money on maintenance each month, and fiberglass pools tend to be smaller and hold less water.

Are fiberglass pools eco-friendly?

Yes, Fiberglass pools require less energy and chemicals to operate and require less maintenance. This results in less waste going to landfills.

Which pool is stronger, fiberglass or concrete?

Concrete may sound stronger than fiberglass, but they are both equally strong.

Would it be simple to make modifications to an existing fiberglass pool?

A homeowner can make a simple facelift by replacing the perimeter tiles and adding brick or stone coping, and one of our skilled professionals can do this easily. To discuss your options further, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our Design Consultants.

What are the benefits of fiberglass pools with a smooth surface?

The surface is also resistant to algae, unlike vinyl pools. It is also more comfortable for your feet and hands.

Is saltwater possible in a fiberglass swimming pool?

Absolutely! It is becoming more popular to use saltwater swimming pools. Fiberglass pools are impervious to chemical imbalances that backyard pools might encounter, and Saltwater chlorination will not cause any damage.

Are there any options for a fiberglass pool?

Aqua Blue Pools offers more options than any other builder. There are many options available, including LED lighting, cascades and perimeter tile, seats and skimmers, and inlaid tiles on seats and steps. The Fusion line of Spa- and Tanning ledges come with built-in bubblers.

What is the life expectancy of a fiberglass pool?

A lifetime structural guarantee covers trilogy fiberglass pools.

Pool Maintenance

Do I need to drain my swimming pool every year?

No. Due to pressure from the ground water, a drained pool could crack or pop off the ground. If you need to drain your pool, your Anthony & Sylvan Pools representative will be able to give you some guidelines or come out and do it for you.

Is it difficult to maintain a pool?

It takes only 10 to 20 minutes per week to maintain a pool. It is possible to test and clean your pool automatically. You will also be able to heat and cool the pool. Your Anthony & Sylvan Design Consultant will help you decide how much maintenance is necessary. You can also have your pool serviced in most locations, which will reduce the time it takes to maintain the pool.

Is an automatic pool cleaner more efficient?

Absolutely. An automatic pool cleaner can keep your pool clean. While you will still need to clean the pool, it will take significantly less time.

Do you have a simple checklist for pool cleaning?

If you can care for your pool yourself, here is a checklist. Clean the strainer baskets from the skimmer basket. You can clean the tiles and walls with a soft brush. To brush the walls and bottom of your pool, use a pool brush. You can vacuum the pool once a week or let your pool cleaner take care of it.
If necessary, test the water and add chemicals to balance it. Check for chemical balance if water becomes cloudy. If needed, wash the filter and service it. Keep your deck free of clutter.