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Remodeling, restoration, and renovation of swimming pools

You don’t have to keep your pool the same size as it was before, but that doesn’t mean you cannot add new features or remodel it. You can also renovate your swimming pool by installing custom lighting, spas, rock features, and waterfalls. A pool makeover can transform it from a boring outdoor space to a private retreat.
You’ve found the right place if you are thinking of remodeling or renovating your swimming pool. Our remodel division is extremely proud to have won the International Award of Excellence from the NSPI (National Spa and Pool Institute). This award was for swimming pool remodeling/renovation.

What Our Company Has to Offer

  1. Are you thinking of a redesign or an upgrade?
  2. Looking for remodeling ideas? Or to fix a leaky pool?
  3. ABC Pools has you covered!
These are our activities:
  1. Pool resurfacing (fiberglass, ultra-guard, epoxy, plaster, etc.)
  2. Pool equipment replacements and upgrades
  3. Automate your spa and pool
  4. Lighting with color
  5. Energy-efficient solar heating installation
  6. Flagstone or tile repairs
  7. Pumps and filters that are worn out can be replaced
  8. Installation of saltwater chlorination systems
  9. Concrete decking can be cleaned, sealed, colored, or replaced.
  10. Pool sweeps repairs and upgrades
  11. Gas, electric, or plumbing repairs
  12. Pool tune-up packages
Aqua Blue Pools can resurface swimming pools with new plaster, or upgrade your pool using PebbleTec, PebbleSheen or PebbleFina. We can also replace old pool tiles, add water features, color lighting, or upgrade your equipment. We can also install solar heating and concrete decking.

For swimming pool restoration and remodeling, call the professionals.

Call us at any time to receive a quote for your swimming pool remodel costs. We will be happy to discuss your ideas and the costs of renovations with you.

Are permits required for a pool renovation?

HOAs may require permission or special permits for your pool remodel depending on where you live. Before you begin your pool remodeling project, it's a good idea ask your contractor.

Can I remodel my current pool?

Yes! You can take older swimming pools and make them modern by using innovative materials and products. There is no better time to remodel your backyard pool than the present, whether you want an automation system or variable speed pump.

Is it possible to add a spa or a pool to an existing one?

Yes. A spa can be added to an existing pool to add beauty and function.

Is it possible to change the plumbing in my pool?

Yes. You shouldn’t change the plumbing unless there is a leak, or you are upgrading your equipment.

Are you going to rip it out or add to it again?

It all depends on your goals. We will usually work within the existing pool shell to modify it to your specifications. Sometimes, it is necessary to remove a wall or section of flooring in order to make the changes. In some cases, however, it is more practical to just remove the entire pool.

What is the best time for me to remodel my pool?

Now is the best time to remodel your swimming pool. You will need to act quickly to get the best price for labor and material. It is important to not drain a swimming pool if there is still a lot of groundwater. You could endanger the pool’s shell by doing this.

Is it possible for my pool to be re-plastered or re-tiled?

Yes. This is one of the most popular remodeling projects. It is easy to transform your pool’s interior with a simple re-tile and paint job.

How often should my pool be renovated?

It is difficult to answer this question because it all depends on the equipment and materials used to install the pool, how the pool was maintained, and the climate in which the pool has been placed. Around the 7-10-year mark, most pool owners will do some type of pool remodel.

What are the tasks that can be done in a pool remodel?

There are many options when it comes to renovating your swimming pool. These are just some ideas:
  1. Resurfacing
  2. Redesign, replacement, or repair of tiles
  3. Installation of heaters and pumps that are efficient
  4. Lighting upgrades that include changing the color of lighting
  5. New pool coping
  6. New decking

What is a Grotto Pool?

Grotto pools are a type of swimming pool that has one or more caves, waterfalls, or other features that add interest and excitement. Grotto pools are found in private homes and public places such as hotels or resorts.
The Grotto is often referred to as a natural cave, but it can also be used for manufactured structures that mimic natural caves. Grotto pools can include rock walls, vegetation, lighting effects, and other features that mimic a cave-like environment.
Grotto pools are suitable for swimmers of all abilities and ages, and Grotto pools offer an alternative to traditional swimming pools. A grotto pool is an excellent option for those looking for more than just a place where they can swim laps.

Where can I find the equipment for my pool?

Your swimming pool's heartbeat is your pool equipment, the pump, and the filter. Your family will enjoy safe and clean swimming by having the pool water circulated by the pump and filter.
You want your pool equipment as close as possible to the pool to maximize energy efficiency. Your pool pump will work harder if it is farther away, leading to higher energy bills.
There are downsides to having pool equipment near your pool. Most people don’t want their backyard swimming pool to be visually ruined by a lot of mechanical equipment. We work closely with you to determine the optimal location for the pump/filter to ensure that the system is efficient and visually appealing to you. It is most common to place the equipment in your yard next to your existing A/C unit. However, this can change depending on the needs of each pool and home.

What is pool coping?

The “edge” of pool decking is pool coping. It creates a defined space between the pool and the deck. The pool’s edge is protected by coping. Coping can be made of poured concrete, stone, or paves. You can find out more about coping here.

What pool features should you consider?

There are many pool features and add-ons that you can consider. Adding features like fountains, fire, or waterfalls to your pool can create drama. Each person has their style, so it cannot be easy to choose the right features. For ideas, look at the pool features gallery if you're unsure.

Are there fire features that can be added to my pool?

Absolutely! Fire features have been a popular addition to backyard swimming pools for many years. Fire features can be a striking addition to any nighttime landscape and often serve as the focal point for your backyard pool.
Fire features are usually two things: fire bowls and fire pits. Let’s begin with the firepit. These cozy backyard additions are common in backyards with no pools. A rock bench with pillows and a fire pit is often incorporated into a backyard. A fire pit can be built near your pool to make it seamless and integrated.
Another piece that is gaining popularity lately is the fire bowl. The fire bowl frames the pool and offers a spectacular view that will blow your mind. They are usually powered by gas and can often be controlled remotely. It’s amazing! You need to push a button, and boom! It’s done!

What is a shotcrete swimming pool?

Shotcrete pools are concrete pools made from shotcrete. Shotcrete uses high-pressure air to apply concrete to a surface, creating a stronger pool that lasts longer than traditional concrete pools.

What is a waterproof layer?

An impervious surface is a hard place that prevents water from entering the soil mantle or slowing it down. It is found in natural conditions, which are pre-development, and water runs off from it at an increased flow rate or in more significant volumes. Swimming pools, or portions of pools built outside the building footprint, count towards lot coverage.