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Add a touch of magic to your landscape with enchanting pool water features

Innovative pool water features can make your pool even more fun. Water features are great stressbusters. They can range from the curved slides that are a huge hit with kids to the impressive fountain that stands tall. You will feel refreshed just by looking at them.
Aqua Blue Pools has been delighting homeowners since 2009. We are known for creating stunning pools with customized water features or luxury additions. Therefore, we rank among the best pool builders in Houston in the pool building industry.

American Backyards: Beautiful Pool Water Features

Are you looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and enjoy a peaceful setting? These water features can be added to your pool.


Relaxing on the Baja shelf in the afternoon sun is a wonderful way to spend a relaxing day. However, you can make your pool experience even more enjoyable by adding another water feature. Pool enthusiasts have long loved naturalistic waterfall designs. Faux rock waterfalls can be used to create a “cabin in nature” feel. To give water dynamic elegance, create a cascading fountain.


Scuppers can be described as narrow showers that are attached to a pool wall at low heights. The pool is flooded by water through the slots in a pedestal or wall. Scuppers can enhance the aesthetics of your pool and create a calm atmosphere.


Fountains come in all shapes and sizes, from traditional statuary water fountains to contemporary designs. You can also choose from simple or complex operating levels.

Deck Jets

Deck jets, fountain features that are a long-standing trend, are fountain features. They shoot water into your pool through a small opening. You can place them on the wall or on the deck depending on your pool design.

Laminar Jets

Laminar jets, another type of stunning pool feature that shoots narrow stream water into the pool, are also available. These are usually used in commercial pools to show water effects. Combining with LED lights, laminar jets can create stunning imagery at night even for residential pools.


Bubblers are fountain features with channels that look like a natural spring. These pool water features are subtle and fascinating. They can also be used in a spa, or in a wading pool.

Sheer Descents

A kind of waterfall with more flair is Sheer descent These slopes create linear arcs of water that project from the source with a lot of life. These pool water features give the pool a transparent, glass-like appearance. They are also available in rain arcs and rain curtains. These can be used to create a separation between the two pools or the pool and its surroundings.

When Were the First Fountains Built?

  1. A carved stone basin from 2000 BC that is gravity-defying has water
  2. To drink ceremonial water at first
  3. Ancient civilizations had water from aqueducts
  4. Romans built fountains depicting mythological heroes
  5. In the medieval ages, symbols of purity, power, and wealth were used
  6. Modern private homes have decorative fountains with swimming pools.

Fire & Water Bowls

Elevated Spas, tanning platforms, Plunge Pools, and beach entries are just a few ways to achieve a tiering look at the poolside. You can create a striking contrast by adding water bowls and fire to the mix. This will magnify the pool's assets. Although you can order custom-made designs, we recommend that you get the 360deg models where the water flows gracefully from all directions.
You can use water bowls to create the same effect if you prefer to keep the water and fire. elements separate. Water pots create a stunning facade and add layers to your pool. A small pool may not have many landscaping options. Concrete planters in various sizes might be the answer.


All pool water sliders are beloved by everyone. There are many options available, so we're sure you'll find something that suits your needs. You might be able to bring out your adventurous side by creating a submerged cave or grotto design that has an attached pool slide. You might prefer the more traditional, but still fun, slide that everyone can enjoy. We can help you realize your goals with gunite pools which offer great design flexibility and additional features.

Aqua Blue Pools can create custom pool water features

These stunning pool water elements will make your backyard a resort-worthy retreat. Aqua Blue Pools can build any kind of pool. Talk to our pool specialists today about your backyard pool dreams.