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Custom Backyard Swimming Pool Features that add movement light & sound

Backyard Swimming Pool Features that add movement light & sound, Houston Pool Construction, Pool Contractors. (832) 912-7665. Swimming Pool Features to Elevate Your Pool Experience Sheer Descents, Scuppers, Spa Spillways, Bubblers, Sun Shelf, Beach Entry, Fast Lane, Rock Waterfall, Grotto Waterfall, Tables & Barstools, Decking, Steppingstones, Slides, Fire Features, Custom Features.

Sheer Decent

The enchanting sight and sound of flowing water provide unmatched beauty and serenity to your pool area. Sheer descents are highly coveted additions to luxurious backyard oasis designs, elevating your pools cape from ordinary to extraordinary. With many options, you can effortlessly incorporate these captivating water features in a way that suits your style, enhancing the overall ambiance of your pool area.

Sheet Waterfall Effect:

Create a stunning sheet of water that projects from your pool wall with our sheet waterfall effect. Experience the beauty of a glass-like waterfall in silence.

Arc Sheet Waterfall Effect:

Transform your pool with our arc sheet waterfall effect. This feature propels a smooth arc of water that elegantly projects up and away from the pool wall.

Curtain Effect:

Enhance the ambiance of your pool with our curtain water effect. Enjoy a sheer wall of water as it falls straight down, creating a mesmerizing display.

Rainfall Effect:

Experience the tranquility of a gentle spring shower with our rainfall effect. This feature projects falling water that looks and sounds like a natural rain shower.

Arc Rainfall Effect:

Bring the soothing sound of summer rain to your pool with our arc rainfall effect. Watch as an arc of falling water cascades into your pool, recreating the ambiance of summer rainfall.

Sheer Descent Width:

Customize your pool with our sheer descent waterfalls. These waterfalls can vary in width from 8" to 8' and can be combined for additional visual impact.

Spas - Spillways - Scuppers: Enhance Your Water Feature Design

Take notice of the power of scuppers and spillways when creating a captivating water feature. These stylish additions add a lively stream of water and offer a cost-effective alternative to waterfalls and sheer descents. With many designs available, scuppers and spillways can easily be incorporated into a raised wall to re-enter your pool gracefully. Explore the possibilities of these natural flowing features and elevate your water feature design.

Bubblers (Gushers)

Bubblers, or Gushers, are the perfect addition to your pool to enhance its features and create a relaxing or entertaining atmosphere. They are designed to work with a water depth of 2 inches to 10 inches, making them versatile for various pool types.
Not only do bubblers add aesthetic appeal to your pool with their plume height of up to 24 inches, but they also have minimal water flow requirements. This means they are energy-efficient and can be added to pools, fountains, ponds, and more without draining your resources.
One of the great features of bubblers is their ability to provide vibrant and captivating lighting. They come equipped with energy-efficient color LED lights that offer five brilliant, fixed colors and seven dazzling light shows. This enhances the visual appeal of your pool and creates a captivating ambiance.

Sun Shelf: The Ultimate Addition to Your Pool

Discover the latest trend in pool accessories – the sun shelf! Also known as tanning shelves, these are the must-have add-ons for any pool enthusiast. Whether you prefer them as a standalone feature within your pool or as an extended first step into the water, sun shelves offer functionality and style. Explore the possibilities and make a splash with a sun shelf in your pool design.

Rock Waterfalls - Grotto: Enhance Your Pool Design with Natural Rock Formations and Water Features

Rock formations and waterfalls have gained popularity in pool design in recent years. These stunning additions enhance your pool’s aesthetic appeal and create a soothing and mesmerizing sound. Rock waterfalls offer a beautiful and natural element to your backyard oasis. Take your pool to the next level with a unique addition – a grotto! Grottos can incorporate waterfalls and range from simple seating areas to hidden pools and gathering spots. Consider incorporating another water feature like a slide on top of the grotto, for an added touch. Experience the ultimate pool getaway with a rock waterfall and grotto combination.

Table and Benches for Your Pool: Practical, Enjoyable, and Stylish

Enhance your poolside entertainment with our versatile table and benches. These functional yet aesthetically pleasing pieces add a unique design element to your outdoor space. Please choose from our standalone options or create a custom combination that suits your needs and style preferences.

Use Landscaping Stones to Beautify Your Pool Area

Landscaping stones are a great addition to your pool area, as they can provide visual interest and define your hardscape elements. These stones can also assist in creating a smooth transition from hard surfaces to soft landscaping.

Pool Slides

Pool slides have been elevating our pool enjoyment for decades! They offer endless fun and come in various configurations. It's essential to ensure proper installation, but if you want to add a pool feature that will provide an unforgettable experience, look no further than a pool slide.

Fire Features For Your Backyard Living

In backyard living and design, outdoor fire features have become one of the hottest trends. Creating new living spaces in your backyard has never been more popular. These living areas are designed to seamlessly extend your home and provide a space for relaxation and entertainment.
Outdoor fire features provide warmth and the opportunity to roast marshmallows and serve as the focal point of your outdoor gathering space. Whether you have a pool or not, a fire pit can transform your backyard into a social hub where friends and family can gather, enjoy a drink, and unwind.

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