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Whether you’re looking for a top concrete pool builder in Houston or a pool pump, waterfall, or in-ground pool, we have everything. Call Now! (832) 912-7665 Need an outdoor brick stone kitchen or concrete brick stone fire pit? We’ve got you covered. Our Houston concrete pool builders also include decking, pergolas, natural stones, and more. Whatever your vision, we have the expertise to bring it to life. Enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your backyard pool with our range of additional pool contractor features, such as pool vacuums, heaters, automatic covers, and swimming pool automation. Keep your pool clean and sparkling with skimmers, lighting systems, and automatic pool cleaners. Create a luxurious spa-like experience with hot tubs and water slides. When designing and building custom pools, expertise and experience are

That’s why we pride ourselves on our years of knowledge and skill in the industry. We understand that your pool is an extension of your home and reflects your lifestyle. That’s why we work closely with you to create a custom gunite pool that suits your needs and preferences perfectly. But we focus on more than pool construction. We are also your outdoor environment experts, striving to provide you with a professional pool design and the highest level of quality construction. We are committed to delivering exceptional results and ensuring your complete satisfaction. Areas we serve: Houston concrete pool builders Cypress, Texas: concrete pool builders Tomball, TX · concrete pool builders Katy, TX · Spring, TX concrete pool builders ; The Woodlands, TX concrete pool builders · Bellaire, TX · concrete pool builders West University Place, TX ; concrete pool builders Humble, TX · Stafford, TX concrete pool builders.
We are committed to providing top-notch service from beginning to end, turning your unique ideas into a stunning pool that you and your loved ones can enjoy for many years. Look no further for your custom concrete swimming pool contractor needs – choose us and you will be satisfied! Get in touch with us today to start the process. As leading experts in custom pool design and construction, we have served the Houston area for over 20 years. Our team at Aqua Blue Pools is dedicated to creating the most innovative and visually stunning pools in the industry. Best Pool Equipment for Your Pool: Automatic Controls, Cleaning Systems, Pumps and filters, Water Purifiers, Heaters, Safety Covers. Need help? Call Now! (832) 912-7665.

Top - Concrete Pool Builders - Pool Renovations - Houston Pool Packages

From new pool liners and pumps to LED lighting in Houston and resurfaced brickwork, we offer everything you need to create your dream outdoor oasis. Our comprehensive list of features includes pool pumps, LED lighting, resurfaced brickwork, pool vacuums, waterfalls, gunite, heaters, automatic covers, in-ground pools, above-ground pools, pergolas, natural stones, outdoor kitchens, decking, fire pits, gravel patios, outdoor fireplaces, swimming pool automation, skimmers, lighting systems, automatic pool cleaners, ozone systems, custom re-tiling, hot tubs, water slides, salt-water generators, and spas. Custom pool features allow you to create the backyard of your dreams. Our team can do everything from peaceful serenity to infinity pools and vanishing edges. Discover more about these one-of-a-kind features or let us assist you in designing the ultimate custom backyard retreat. Areas we serve: Houston, concrete pool builders Cypress, Texas: ; concrete pool builders Tomball, TX · concrete pool builders Katy, TX · Spring, TX concrete pool builders ; The Woodlands, TX concrete pool builders · Bellaire, TX · concrete pool builders West University Place, TX ; concrete pool builders Humble, TX · Stafford, TX concrete pool builders.

Vanishing Edges

Vanishing edges or Negative Edges can give your pool a unique and captivating appearance. This custom feature is prevalent for pool owners with sloping backyards. Anthony & Sylvan can add a vanishing edge to any pool with a sloping backyard.

Sunken Barbeque Pits

A sunken barbeque pit in your pool allows you to cook and eat while still in the water. We can install sunken brick stone concrete barbeque pits with seating, electric, and plumbing for pool owners, creating the perfect outdoor cooking area.

Beach Entries

Beach Entries are a popular custom feature for pool owners. The gentle, sloping, water-covered beach entrance makes getting into the pool easy and is great for small children and sunbathers. We can design a beach entry with custom materials to complement your existing design.

Raised Spas with Spillways

Add a beautiful spillway to your spa and enhance its tranquility. Spas with spillways create a natural-sounding appeal as water funnels into the pool area below. We can help you create a raised spa with a spillway for added relaxation.

Take Advantage of Pool Lighting using LED technology.

Enhance the beauty and safety of your pool with custom LED lighting in Houston from Aqua Blue. Our LED lights are encased and built into the walls of your pool, creating a stunning visual effect. Choose from an array of colors to highlight access points and water features or illuminate the entire pool for night swimming. With a lifespan of 7-15 years, LED pool lights are a long-lasting and energy-efficient choice. Please speak with a Design Consultant to learn more about our LED pool lighting options. Areas we serve: Houston, Cypress, Texas: ; Tomball, TX · Katy, TX · Spring, TX ; The Woodlands, TX · Bellaire, TX · West University Place, TX ; Humble, TX · Stafford, TX Areas we serve: Houston concrete pool builders Cypress, Texas: concrete pool builders Tomball, TX · concrete pool builders Katy, TX · Spring, TX concrete pool builders.

LED pool lights are a durable and long-lasting option for illuminating your pool. With a 7 to 15-year lifespan, these lights have a longevity advantage. Please speak to us to explore the functionality and durability of LED pool lights. Fiber optic pool lighting is another appealing option for enhancing the beauty of your pool. These lights are located outside the pool and use fiber optic cables to illuminate the pool and surrounding areas. They are particularly suited for highlighting the edges of your inground pool.
Regarding fiber optic lighting, pool owners have various choices in terms of color and pattern. These lights also work well for showcasing water features such as laminar water jets and sheer descent waterfalls. If you’re interested in custom pool lighting in Houston, schedule a consultation with our team today. We have over 20 years of experience in the pool-building industry and offer a lifetime structural warranty on all our pools. Trust our experts to bring your vision to life. Please fill out our form to schedule your consultation now.

Enhance the appeal of ~Your Pool or Spa with Custom Water Features.

Choose from waterfalls, fountains, arcing water jets, and more for added tranquility. Find the perfect option for your pool vision.

Laminar Jets for Your Pool

Laminar jets shoot water up to 7' high and 8' into your pool in a smooth arc. Create a stunning nighttime show by adding fiber optic light pulses that can travel through the stream of water. These jets can even be hidden in shrubs or planters for a more impressive display. Hide the mechanics with different material options for deck box lids.

Add a Sheer Descent Waterfall to Your Pool

Also known as "water curtains," sheer descent waterfalls create a smooth ledge of water falling over the pool's edge. Available in various shapes and sizes, including extended lip and curved models in lengths from 8" to 8'. New hammered metal finishes are popular, giving your pool a polished or beautifully aged look.

Enhance Your Pool with Rock Waterfalls

Rock waterfalls add a remarkable feature to your custom swimming pool. Adjust the flow to create a discreet trickle or a thundering river. Complete the natural look and sound with planters and foliage for an oasis in your backyard.

Create a Centerpiece with Fountains

Install easy-to-use fountains to make a statement in your pool. Let your imagination run wild with custom designs such as dolphins or mermaids. Note that some fountains require their water supply, so consider options like ponds, bird baths, or water gardens. Be sure to ask us for more information.

Houston Pools with Spas and Waterfalls in Backyard

Areas we serve: Houston concrete pool builders Cypress, Texas: concrete pool builders Tomball, TX · concrete pool builders Katy, TX · Spring, TX concrete pool builders; The Woodlands, TX concrete pool builders · Bellaire, TX · concrete pool builders West University Place, TX; concrete pool builders Humble, TX · Stafford, TX concrete pool builders This concrete pool design in Houston, TX, maximizes a small backyard space. The design showcases an eye-catching asymmetrical shape while leaving ample room for a walking path and green area, as regulations require. Experience the beauty of a freeform Houston pool design with a vanishing edge. This small pool is perfect for limited backyard spaces, complementing its surroundings and offering a breathtaking view. Featuring an integrated spa and a natural rock waterfall, you’ll feel like you’re in your favorite backyard swimming hole in Houston, all while enjoying the convenience of staying in the water.

The pool design in Houston includes seating areas and a table, providing a relaxing space for adults. Meanwhile, the raised spa creates a designated zone for relaxation, separate from the children's play area. The addition of natural stone coping and elegant sheer descent waterfall features elevates the pool's aesthetic appeal. Custom Texas Pool Shaped Like a Cowboy Boot – Inground Design Take a dip in this one-of-a-kind in-ground pool shaped like a classic cowboy boot, paying homage to Texas's cowboy heritage. This custom concrete pool is an unforgettable addition to any backyard, perfect for swimming, diving, and relaxation. So, enjoy a boot-scootin' good time at the pool!

Customize Your Inground Pool with Pool Finishes for Durability and Style

Create a Centerpiece with Fountains

Your pool’s finish does more than enhance its appearance; it also provides durability and protection against pool chemicals. At Aqua Blue Pools, we offer a range of stunning pool finishes that cater to your pool type and personal preferences.

Concrete Pool Finishes for Beauty and Easy Maintenance

Choose from a classic white plaster, an exotic lagoon finish with captivating shades of blue, green, and black, or an enchanting iridescent pearl finish. Our concrete finishes are not only visually striking, but they also make pool maintenance hassle-free.

Discover the Versatility of Aggregate Finishes

While plaster has long been a popular choice, our selection of aggregate finishes offers even more variety. You can customize your pool to match your unique style with textures ranging from fine to coarse and a broad spectrum of colors.

Elevate Your Fiberglass Pool with Custom Finishes

Our fiberglass pool finishes combine durability, low maintenance, and exquisite beauty. Whether you prefer a classic white gel finish or want something more customized, we have a range of finishes to suit your taste.

Pool Coping - Houston Pools & Spas for In-Ground Pools:

In-ground swimming pools in Houston constructed of concrete require coping for both practical and aesthetic purposes. Coping covers the exposed shoulder of the pool shell and brings the pool elevation up to the top of the decking. It also prevents water from getting behind the pool shell, which is crucial for maintaining the integrity of the pool. In addition to its functional role, coping can enhance the visual appeal of your pool or spa perimeter. It can also provide a cool and safe surface for individuals entering or exiting the water. Call Now! (832) 912-7665.
1. Brick: Bullnose brick coping is cost-effective, low-maintenance, and offers a classic look. The durable clay material retains its beautiful color and is easy to clean. It can also be customized to create unique designs. Brick coping is available in various colors, including Havana red, pale gray, beige, and dark brown.
2. Stone: Stone coping comes in different colors and textures and can withstand various temperatures and environments. The natural stone surface is easy to clean and adds a distinct look and feel to your pool. Popular stone options include limestone, travertine, flagstone, and bluestone. Stone coping is favored by homeowners seeking texture matches to their homes.
3. Concrete: Cantilever concrete is a versatile material that can be poured and molded into any shape or design. This allows for customizations around the pool perimeter. Concrete coping is highly durable, easy to maintain, and the most affordable option among pool coping choices.

Best Pool Decking Options for Texas Homes

Choosing the right decking for your concrete inground pool in Houston is crucial for creating a customized and visually appealing outdoor space. Different materials like concrete can greatly impact the design of your pool. Additionally, each material offers unique safety, maintenance, and cost advantages. Areas we serve: Houston concrete pool builders Cypress, Texas: concrete pool builders Tomball, TX · concrete pool builders Katy, TX · Spring, TX concrete pool builders; The Woodlands, TX concrete pool builders · Bellaire, TX · concrete pool builders West University Place, TX ; concrete pool builders Humble, TX · Stafford, TX concrete pool builders.

Key Considerations for Pool Decking Selection

When deciding on the deck for your new inground pool, there are several factors to consider. For instance, do you prefer decking that stays cool in the sun or gets warm? Is slip resistance important, especially when wet? Does it offer comfort for bare feet?

Concrete Pool Decking

While trendier than before, concrete decking remains a cost-effective option for pool decking. It allows for customization with color, stamped designs, and even replication of natural materials. Concrete can also be textured to provide excellent slip resistance. However, it may crack or fade over time, necessitating regular maintenance.

Paver Pool Decking

Paver decking involves paving stones, tiles, or bricks to create various shapes and sizes. This kind of decking offers more design options for your pool area.
Aqua Blue Pools offers both natural and manufactured pavers. Natural pavers, such as stone or slate, provide your pool with a high-end and natural look. Common paver choices include stone, brick, travertine, and slate, which are highly slip-resistant and require minimal maintenance.

Concrete Pool Installers- Houston Pool Builders- Call Now! (832) 912-7665. Pool Builders Houston | #1 Contractor & Total Backyard

We offer diverse pool designs for concrete and fiberglass inground pools, including kidney- shaped pools and standard rectangular lap pools. Our Design Consultants will collaborate to find the perfect pool design or shape to enhance your home and reflect your style. Concrete pools in Houston are a popular choice for their strength, durability, and ability to accommodate custom designs. With various shapes and sizes available, these pools can be enhanced with various attractive features. Our experienced team will help you choose the perfect pool cover. With a wide selection of styles, sizes, and colors, we have something to fit any pool and budget. Rest assured, our products are made with the highest quality materials and installed with meticulous attention to detail. Remember our maintenance and repair services, including seasonal hanging, water leak repairs, and cover repairs. Call Now! (832) 912-7665 or fill out our online form for a one-on-one consultation. Trust Aqua Blue for all your pool cover needs!


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