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Custom Pool Lights to Highlight Your Beautiful Backyard

Even though you would love to cool down during the summer heat, there’s something peaceful about taking a dip in the pool. When you think about a party, think “posh” swimming pool party that everybody will talk about. Your guests will love the modern lounge atmosphere created by pool lights. You can dress up your pool with lights for any occasion, including an informal gathering, a movie night, or a relaxing evening.
The purpose of installing pool lighting goes beyond practicality, and modern pools are more complex than the traditional rectangular or kidney-shaped pools of yesteryear. There are multiple lawyers and sections to a pool now – around a fire table there is the sunken seating that is smack dab in the middle of the pool or the seamlessly-integrated stepping stones that float towards a spectacular spa. The pool lighting allows you to enjoy the beautiful views from your deck while you relax on the deck, even if you’re not in the water.
Aqua Blue & Spas has been a top custom pool builder for over 30 years. We know how to use the best pool lighting options to highlight the beauty and elegance in your backyard. We are experts in constructing fiberglass, vinyl, and gunite pools with luxuriant, custom-made features.

Pool lights that set your inground pool on fire

Incandescent bulbs were first invented around 200 years ago and were simple and functional. Pool lights and all lights offer many benefits, including mood elevating.

In-Pool Lighting

You can choose from LED, fiber optic, or underwater halogen lights, and they are available in single and multiple-color options. In-pool lights make your night safer and instantly raise the drama of your pool party. All these options add vibrance to your poolscape, but some are more difficult to install and maintain. In-pool halogen lighting consumes more energy than the more efficient LED lights. Additionally, LED pool lights consume 87% less energy and require less upkeep than their incandescent counterparts.
Because LED options are simpler to install in new pool builds, they can be placed anywhere: on sun shelves, lap lanes, and narrow pool walls. You can use the included lens covers to avoid eye strain from direct light.

Submersible and floating lights

Submersible and floating pool lights are available in battery-operated and solar-powered options. They can be installed anywhere in your pool. The best thing about the pool light bulbs is their ability to change colors. You can create stunning poolside effects that impress everyone, regardless of your style preferences. These great additions can make your event memorable with a disco effect pool lighting using different RGB colors. Automated lights placed near deck jets can create amazing underwater shows.

Spa Lights

The rest of the lighting options enhance the pool features. However, spa lights aim to downplay the importance. Relaxing in the warm glow of the spa lights can make it even more enjoyable to soak in the relaxing bubbles and hydrotherapy jets.
You can enjoy the tranquility and relaxation of the spa with its colorful pool, spa lights, and soothing massages. Use a timer to turn on the bright illumination. You can control the lighting settings and change the colors with just a swipe of your finger. Make the most of your backyard entertainment.

LED Flood Lighting

Spotlights provide a narrow beam of light that enhances the stunning views from your pool area, but LED floodlights can cast an even wider glow over larger areas such as walkways and the outdoor cooking area. While floodlights with LED bulbs are better for general lighting, floodlights can also be used to illuminate the perimeter. An LED light is famous for lighting your pool to maintain a stable ambiance.

Pool Loans - How do They Work

  1. Fiber Optic lighting: For pool, backyard, and perimeter lighting
  2. Floating pool lighting: Rugged and rechargeable
  3. LED pool lights: Long-lasting, programmable light shows
  4. Patio and pathway lighting: Retrofitting down-lights and solar.

Architectural Lighting

You can add a new look to your natural waterfall by strategically placing LED swimming pool lights. You can also use pool lights to enhance other features in your backyard. Up-lights can be used to illuminate architectural elements within the pool environment, and this includes statues and other prized items. Uplighting can be used to make your backyard’s main attraction, the trellis, using light fixtures placed at ground level and shining upwards. Downlights, however, create a quiet, moonlit atmosphere for intimate spaces. Install muted accent lighting for hidden multimedia rooms in a cave or grotto design. Tiki torches are another bewitching lighting element, and they can be positioned on the pathways to illuminate or as a fire feature.

Aqua Blue & Spas has the best pool lights for your beautifully designed pool.

For a romantic evening, you can choose to use a soft and subtle luminescence or to shine a spotlight on certain pool elements. Pool lights are essential to making backyard parties a success, and the key to finding the best pool lighting elements is the key. Aqua Blue & Spas can help you add glamour to your backyard pool.