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Intelligent Swimming Pool Control Systems with a Single Click

Today’s world is connected to its smartphones and other devices. Automation technology is everywhere, from Siri and Alexa to cashierless checkouts and self-driving cars. You can control your pool with your smartphone.
The most intuitive and user-friendly pool automation control and management systems available will allow you to take control of your backyard. All pool equipment can be controlled, including pumping, landscape lighting, heaters, and water features.
Aqua Blue Pools uses the most advanced technology and smart control systems in pool construction. We have 30 years of combined experience and can offer endless possibilities for our customers. Get smartphone apps for gunite, vinyl and fiberglass pool constructions to enhance your swimming experience or to integrate into your next pool remodel.

Aqua Blue Pools has the best automation systems in the business to fit any backyard

  1. Energy costs can be slashed up to 70%
  2. Maintenance is easy!
  3. Total backyard control at your fingertips

How do pool-automated solutions work?

The pool automation control system can be connected wirelessly to your smartphone and remote monitored. You can control, monitor and access all pool-related functions from anywhere, anytime! Your pool is ready whenever you are, whether you’re operating the filtration system and controlling pool equipment.

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  1. Landscape lighting, pool, spa
  2. Dimmers and color lights
  3. Outdoor firepit and other fire features
  4. Water features such as fountains and laminar jets
  5. Hydrotherapy jets, spillovers
  6. Temperatures in the pool and spa
  7. Filter pumps and booster pumps
  8. Salt chlorinators, pool cleaners, and many other products are available.

Pool Automation Systems for Your Backyard

Aqua Blue Pools will help you upgrade to the most recent automation technology when remodeling your pool or installing a new pool. These are the best pool automation products.

These are the best pool automation products.

iAquaLink App

The iAquaLink App is an intelligent app that works with any device connected to the internet, including smartphones. The mobile app lets you monitor your pool’s performance and location. You can virtually check if you’re in-pool lights have been turned off while you’re on vacation. You might be a gym rat and need to check if your relaxing Spa is running when you get back home.
After connecting to the iAquaLink control center, you can monitor and adjust every pool’s equipment. The control hub is usually located on the equipment pad and communicates all information about your pool and spa to the app 24 hours a day.
iAquaLink has:
  1. Completely wireless
  2. Configurable
  3. It is easy to install

9650iQ Sport

The 9650iQ sport robotic cleaner makes it easy to keep your pool clean while you’re away. You can connect the 9650iQ sport to a reliable Wi-Fi network using the same iAquaLink control center and schedule regular cleaning tasks.

The iAquaLink pool app allows you to monitor the state of your pool’s cleanliness and access troubleshooting tips. The robotic pool cleaner has a four-wheel drive, as well as a swivel control that makes it easier to maneuver around obstacles and climb them. It provides excellent results by cleaning the pool floors, steps, walls, and even the waterline. 9650iQ Sport has a dirty canister indicator that ensures your pool is free from debris.

The Benefits of letting your pool take care of itself
  1. Pool automation increases water safety
  2. Water balance monitoring in real time
  3. Total control over the pool environment
  4. Programmable systems can save you time and money
  5. Pool issues detected in real-time and quickly resolved


iQPUMP01 is a pool automation system. It works with variable-speed pumps and goes beyond the control function. You can run the pump for several hours to circulate pool chemicals, or it can stop the pump from running for up 24 hours when you schedule pool service.
The best thing about the pool automation system is its simple interface. It can be set up by anyone even without an internet connection. The energy-efficient automation system allows the pumps to be programmed to run during non-peak hours, thereby reducing energy consumption. A chlorinator can be added to control the levels of chlorination, or you can connect a booster pump to program a cleaning schedule.

Aqua Blue Custom Pools can help you get pool automation for your backyard oasis

Get the most advanced pool automation systems to enhance your pool. Call us today if you have any questions about how they can make your life easier and save you significant amounts on your energy bills. To schedule a free estimate, you can also visit any of Aqua Blue Pools’ local offices.