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Safety first- Choosing the right pool safety fence

Pool Safety Fences

Safety fences around swimming pools are important. Pool safety fences prevent accidental falls into the pool and act as barriers to keep pets and children out of the pool. Pool safety fencing may be required depending on your location. Talk to your local code officials about what is required by your area’s building codes or other regulations.

Styles and Types

These fences are safe but can look unattractive in your pool area. A fence that matches your home’s design will add beauty and distinction to your yard. There are many styles and types of pool safety fencing. You should choose one that best suits your needs. These are some fencing options for you to consider.

Aluminum Pool Safety Fencing

Aluminum pool fences can be very durable. They are very durable and require minimal maintenance. Aluminum pool fences can be used on any ground type and are economical. Aluminum pool safety fencing is stronger than any other fencing and can withstand severe weather conditions.

Mesh Safety Fence

Because of their versatility, mesh pool fences are most popular for residential swimming pools. They are easy to move and remove for adults, but they can be difficult to climb for children. You can use mesh pool fencing to protect any type of spa or shape pool. Mesh pool fencing is strong and durable.

Glass Pool Safety Fencing

The attractiveness and popularity of glass pool fences make them the best choice for style. The panels are easy to climb and allow for unrestricted views. Glass pool fencing gives you the security benefits of a fence but also creates the illusion of more space. Glass fencing is extremely durable and high quality, making them difficult to break.

Wrought Iron Pool Safety Fencing

Wrought iron pool fencing is a great combination of strength and style. They are usually welded and offer high levels of protection. You can customize your iron pool safety fencing with many colors to match your home’s design. Iron pool fencing is more expensive than mesh and may be more difficult to put in.

Wood Safety Fence

Wood pool safety fencing can be a classic and affordable option. You can choose from a variety of wood fence styles that can be stained or painted. Wooden fences can last many years if they are well maintained. Wood pool fencing requires periodic maintenance, such as painting and slat replacement. The unlevelled ground can lead to higher costs and require high-skilled workers.

Do I need a fence around my swimming pool?

Each family must decide on this question on their own. Although fences are often not visually appealing, they can provide security and peace of mind to families with young children. You can also have removable fences that provide safety and can be taken down at any time to make it easier to access the pool area for special occasions.

Is the rock feature natural or artificial?

Depending on your project's budget, we can install either real or artificial rock.

How do you get a pool permit?

Most jurisdictions require a pool permit or building permit for a swimming pool. The permit process can take up to four months and costs from just a few hundred to several thousand dollars. Learn more about pool permits here.

What are my considerations when choosing a pool?

When choosing a pool type, there are many factors to consider. Everybody is different, so there will be a pool that suits their needs. You should consider your access, yard size, budget, and the time you will be at home.

At Aqua Blue Pools We can install your pool safety fence

Aqua Blue Pools will help you select the right pool safety fencing material. Our pool fencing experts have over 30 combined years of experience in the industry. This will give you peace of mind and allow you to spend your time enjoying the pool and not worrying about maintenance. Get a free quote by contacting us today.