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Best time to renovate your swimming pool in Houston

Many homeowners are looking forward to warmer weather. It’s an excellent time to start thinking about pool repairs and remodeling. You can enjoy your newly renovated pool in the summer if you do these renovations before the warm weather arrives. What is the best time for your pool to be renovated?

When's the best time to renovate your swimming pool?

  1. Although it depends on the season, we have found that building or renovating pools during the fall, winter, and spring seasons is a good idea. It is much better to do it in the spring than in the summer. Let us explain:
  2. Lower use of the swimming pool – Outdoor pools are less used in the fall, winter, and spring seasons than in the summer (unless there is an indoor pool).
  3. Plan Ahead – It doesn’t matter what type of remodeling you choose for your oasis, but it is worth planning to only do it some at a time.
  4. Rain – Most of the time, rain is not a problem in fall or winter. Keep this in mind. However, that rainy days can delay the completion of your project. It is best to work on sunny days.
  5. A faster and smoother renovation – Many renovations will also require equipment replacement. The process goes faster during the winter, spring and fall.
  6. It should be ready for summer. You want to be in an excellent position to enjoy your oasis whenever the temperatures rise. Having your pool repaired or renovated before summer hits is a good idea. It can be detrimental to your swimming pool if you let the possibility of repairs or renovations slide for too long.
  7. Landscaping – While your collection is being repaired, you can also fix your garden and the surrounding areas. You can call a landscaping firm or consult the Farmer’s Almanac for information about the best time to plant.

There are many options for pool remodeling

A complete renovation can bring your pool up-to-date in many cases. Sometimes, minor changes to the pool’s elements are sufficient. These are the most popular remodeling options.

  1. Resurfacing – This is the most important because it can prevent leakage. It’s time to repair any cracks in your pool. It is essential to improve your collection immediately. Otherwise, it could get worse.
  2. Replacing and repairing tile and coping – This is similar to resurfacing. Contact Aqua Blue Pools for repair if you have cracked tiles or coping. You can also apply waterproofing agents if necessary.
  3. Decking – Replacing or extending – If your deck is old or needs more space around the pool, new materials will make it look great.
  4. These features are popular in the USA. This will not only make your backyard look better, but it also allows you to increase the area’s use. These features will make your backyard stand out, whether it’s a firebox or a fireplace pit.
  5. Add Water Features If you want to make your outdoor space more peaceful, water features are a great option. You can choose between gushers or scuppers to make your outdoor space more relaxing and appealing.
  6. Energy efficient equipment and automation – If you want to save money on your swimming pool’s lighting, replace the old bulbs with LED lights. These lights not only reduce electric consumption but can also be controlled remotely. You can also have your lights any color you want.

Renovations are the Bottom Line

It is best to renovate your pool between October and April. These months are the best time to bring your collection up-to-date and ready for summer. Are you ready to transform your backyard oasis? Our team is available to help you with the pool remodeling process.

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